High quality, durable, electrostatic powder coating finishes

  • At Quali-Tone, we provide a protective and attractive finish to all metal parts. Through our Parts and Process inspections, we ensure that your parts will have the highest quality finish while providing an array of colors and textures.

Customized rack designs for large or small quantity production runs

  • Well-designed customized racks will optimize both the part cleaning and the coating process of your parts as they reach these stages. We effectively run large quantities of parts by utilizing our standardized racks. Quali-Tone also provides custom-welded racks for specific parts.

Sandblasting and media blasting

  • In order to provide superior powder coating finishes, it is imperative that each part is prepared and ready to receive a high quality finish. Therefore Quali-Tone offers sandblasting services. Whether your parts are previously coated or rusted, we will ensure that each part is stripped of any rust and sanded before being painted.